Sponsored By:   Dr. Gary Fowle, O.D.
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Mission Statement

Rockford Little League is an organization of volunteers dedicated to serving Youth Sports Programs. It is a program for kids. The commitment is to provide the kids a Little League Baseball/Softball Program with qualified leadership. Safety, training, participation, fun, sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play and commitment to volunteerism are our goals.

The League is based upon the following principles:

  • Creation of a fun, safe and competitive environment for the youngsters that play baseball/softball at Rockford Little League.
  • Identification of coaches with baseball/softball knowledge that are instructive, encouraging and supportive of kids.
  • Continuous development of players and coaches
  • Creating an equal opportunity for all children to participate
  • Encouraging a variety of baseball/softball experiences at all levels
  • Providing a means for families to share in the operations of the League
  • Increasing and improving community participation

Open Positions


Information Officer

  If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please contact a board member or come to the next board meeting.  Please see the event calendar for the next scheduled board meeting.

Board Members

For a board member list, please click here.

Board Meetings

The board members typically meet the first Thursday of each month throughout the year.  Please monitor the event calendar for scheduled board meeting times and locations.

How do I get on the board?

Potenital appointees must attend at lease two board meetings to be eligible for a vote for an open position.  If the board members vote to approve your appointment to a position, then you are on the board.

Position Descriptions

Executive Officers

Help maintain the philosophy of the League; support all board decisions; attend monthly board meetings and report on division or committee.


Elected by and accountable to the Board of Directors; schedules and directs monthly meetings; responsible for the operation and conduct of the League to ensure conformity to the policies, principles, rules, and regulations set forth by Little League Baseball, Inc.; represents our league at District meetings; personifies the best public Image and maintains the integrity that accompanies Little League Baseball; take an active role in gaining support for RLL.

Vice President / Baseball Operations

Schedules fields and games; plans player evaluation, player draft, and managers' clinics.  Schedules fields and games; plans player evaluation, player draft, and managers' clinics.  Manages player assessments.

Vice President / Softball Operations

Schedules fields and games; plans player evaluation, player draft, and managers' clinics.


Responsible for all league financial transactions; prepare a monthly financial report; yearly report filing to National and Regional Little League; complete year end statements for accountant and submit appropriate forms to state and federal Internal Revenue; oversee fundraising and concessions; and authorize League purchases.


Take minutes, type, and mail to board; correspondence; copy and distribute information for board, managers, etc.; visit post office box to obtain mail and distribute to appropriate chairperson; organize division and team parents; schedule meetings and reserve meeting rooms.

Information Officer

Is a person who is enthusiastic about using the Internet for league administration, will be responsible for using the Internet to create a more efficient an enjoyable Little League experience. The specific and primary roles are to set up and maintain the league's official home page, and to support the league's activities by enabling teams, players, parents, and volunteers to have appropriate online access to the league site.  Performs the volunteer background checks.

Player Agent

Is the liaison between the board and the managers of their respective division; reminds managers of dates and events; surveys managers' opinions; mediates between managers or between parents and managers; deals with players, parents, protests, safety, and rules and regulations; attends board meetings and reports on division; attends games to observe managers, coaches, parents, players and umpires. 

Safety Officer

Responsible for providing a safe playing environment for youth, adult, and fans; coordinate and offer first aid clinic for managers' meeting; purchase & maintain first aid kits supplied to teams; maintain records of injured participants during the season. Accident / injury reports are forwarded to the board.

Committee Chairs

Help maintain the philosophy of the League; support the board in all joint decisions; report on committee and attend monthly board meetings.

Team Equipment

Coordinates the purchase, inventory, maintenance, replacement, distribution and storage of all equipment and uniforms needed to outfit all RLL teams in the manner determined by RLL.

Maintenance Coordinator

Maintenance Coordination is a position that maintains that baseball fields at the Rockford Little League Complex.  Listed below are some, but not all of the maintenance responsibilities of the maintenance coordinator. 

  • Assist in preparation, maintenance and restoration of grounds as directed; including any and all activities or tasks fundamental to baseball field care.
  • Ensure use of proper equipment and adhere to safety standards and precautions.
  • Maintain, clean and repair tools and equipment and structures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Oversees the development and growth of the Baseball fields.
  • Coordinates with the Rockford Little League Board to insure the safety of each field.
  • Coordinates with the personnel to ensure that the fields are maintained in a manner appropriate with the Rockford Little League standards.
  • Ability to develop effective and collaborative working relationships within the district as well as other districts.

Chief Umpire

Oversees and schedules umpires; prepares an umpire payment budget; schedules umpire clinics; schedules the annual rules committee meeting and revises and publishes the rules resulting thereof.

Sponsor Coordinator

Recruitment of team sponsors; ongoing communications with team sponsors; coordination and preparation for Opening Day. Provide recognition and service to sponsors.

Concession Manager

  • Maintains the operation of concession facilities
  • Organizes the purchase of concession products
  • Responsible for the management of the concession sales at league events
  • Schedules volunteers to work the concession booth during league events
  • Collects and reviews concession related offers including coupons, discounts and bulk-purchasing opportunities
  • Organizes, tallies and keeps records of concession sales and purchases