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Current Safety Plan

Click here for the 2015 Safety Plan

Emergency Procedures & Phone Numbers

In Case of Emergency:

  • Provide or assist in obtaining medical attention for those who require it.
  • Notify parents or emergency contact as soon as possible
  • Know your limitations and degree of training. DIAL 911 if there is any doubt.
  • Never administer any medication.
  • Never provide food or any beverage other than water.
  • Get help when providing first aid or CPR.
  • Don’t transport an injured person.
  • Report any incident or potential safety hazard to the Safety Officer.

Injured Player Assessment Chart


Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency                                        911
Rockford Police Deparment             (616) 866-4411
Cannon Township Fire                    (616) 874-9725
RLL Hotline                                    (616) 248-2400

Accident Reporting

What to Report

Any accident that causes any player, coach, umpires or volunteers to receive first aid or medical care should be reported to the league safety officers, Dan Nelson @ 616-304-5754 as soon as possible.

When to Report

Report all incidents to the Safety Officer within 48 hours. The 2013 Safety Officer is Kevin Freeman and he can be reached at 616-866-7482. If unavailable, contact President Warren Lanphear at 616-874-5429.

How to Report

Typically, reports will be made by telephone to at 616-866-7482.  If Kevin is not available, please report to President Warren Lanphear at 616-874-5429.

Required Information

  • The name and phone number of the individual involved
  • The date, time and location of the incident?
  • A detailed description of the incident
  • An estimation of the extent of any injury
  • The name and phone number of the person reporting the injury?Attached is an “Activities/Reporting” form that may be used to report an incident or as a guide to report an incident by telephone.

Safety Officer’s Responsibilities

Within 48 hours of receiving an incident report, the Safety Officer will contact the injured party or the party’s parents. The information received will be verified. The status of the injured party will be discussed. In the event that the injured party required other medical treatment (i.e., Emergency Room visit, doctor's visit, etc.) the parent or guardian will be advised of the Rockford Little League's insurance coverage and the provisions for submitting claims.

Player Injury Tracking Form
If the injuries are more than minor in nature, the Safety Officer shall periodically call the injured party to check on the status of the injuries. The Safety Officer shall offer assistance regarding insurance until such time as the incident is considered "closed" (i.e., no further claims are expected and/or the individual is participating in the league again).

How the Insurance Works

  1. First have the child’s parents file a claim under their insurance policy;Blue Cross, Blue Shield or any other insurance protection available.
  2. Should the family’s insurance plan not fully cover the injury treatment, the Little League CNA Policy will help pay the difference, after a $50 deductible per claim, up to the maximum stated benefits.
  3. If the child is not covered by any family insurance, the Little League CNA Policy becomes primary and will provide benefits for all covered injury treatment costs, after a $50 deductible per claim, up to the maximum benefits of the policy.
  4. Treatment of dental injuries can extend beyond the normal fifty-two week period if dental work must be delayed due to physiological changes of a growing child. Benefits will be paid at the time treatment is given, even though it may be some years later. Maximum dollar benefit is $500 for eligible dental treatment after the normal fifty-two week period, subject to the $50 deductible per claim.

Filing a Claim:

When filing a claim, all medical costs should be fully itemized. If no other insurance is in effect, a letter from the parent’s/guardian’s or claimant’s employer explaining the lack of group or employer insurance must accompany a claim form. On dental claims, it will be necessary to fill out a Major Medical Form, as well as a Dental Form; then submit them to the insurance company of the claimant, or parent(s)/guardian(s), if claimant is a minor. “Accident damage to whole, sound, normal teeth as a direct result of an accident” must be stated on the form and bills. Forward a copy of the insurance company’s response to Little League Headquarters. Include the claimant’s name, League ID, and year of the injury on the form. Claims must be filed with the RLL Safety Officer. He/she forwards them to:
Little League Baseball, Incorporated
PO Box 3485, Williamsport, PA 17701
Claim officers can be contacted at (570) 326-1921 and fax (570) 326-2951.
Contact the RLL Safety Officer for more information.